Hear and Now

The Songs

All Sevens

"All Sevens" was meant to be a fun way to start things off. Kind of an old-school romp through the chords with up-tempo jazz-rock leanings. The middle vamp has a slightly extended synthesizer solo which I hope does justice to the rhythm tracks underneath. Then a return to the theme before some harmonic chaos with the sax solo to close.  I remember Paul questioning me about the mode to play for that solo. Sounds like he figured it out...

All Sevens

Red Line AM

"Red Line AM" was inspired by a trip to NYC and a subway line there.  I guess the sound of the train going over the tracks is subliminally in there somewhere.  I especially enjoyed composing this piece with its twists and turns and like how it reaches resolution when the sax and synthesizer join at the end.  Mike (Gizzy) Gismondi even got some bass licks in on this one.  This song is featured in a video...Enjoy!

Red Line AM


Never Enough

The main riff for "Never Enough" was a gift from the Creative Source which suddenly popped into my head one day (Thanks!).  The title, I suppose, was an anti-tribute to blatant consumerism.  I wanted to feature all the soloists here, but Paul got some extended work in the middle (good choice!).  My message is that everyone should know when they have enough to be happy!

Safe Haven

My "Safe Haven" is the peace I have at home with the joy and privilege of opening myself to the music that surrounds us all.  This song expresses that belief.  I really like how the "orchestra" joins the track in the middle of the song with the sax soaring above it.  I'm sentimental and, I have to admit, that got me. OK, I'm soft, I know.

Vince Lives!

"Vince Lives"...Who's Vince? Peanuts specials, "Cast your Fate to the Wind", "Christmas Time is Here" and so many others.  I love Vince Guaraldi!  This is a tribute to the joy he brought to us through his inspired music.  I am not foolish enough to believe I could emulate his greatness, but I show respect and admiration here.

Night Groove

The bass riff of "Night Groove" was the foundation for this mysterious sounding track; a night walk on Halloween? Maybe...Anyway, the synth melody followed and a harmonically satisfying piano bridge as well.  My thanks to Paul for the appropriate ambiance on the front and closing.  Should night necessarily be dark?  Hmmm.......


I'm fond of how Burt got the drums going for "Elevation" up front. It helped make this track a perfect vehicle for the sax section over that repetitive groove.  It's funny how, when composing, one thing seems to lead to another but that's how the parts of this song came together.  I'm partial to the chords in the bridge of this piece but that's just me....I like chords! Giovanni closed it out with a smoking guitar solo.  Listen to his riff as the track fades....Uh-huh!


"Contemplation", a piano/sax duet, was inspired by the piano music of Frederic Chopin.  The interplay between the instruments is free and based on emotion rather than strict rhythmic guidelines.  And all the sadness seems to be resolved in the end.  I'm such a hopeless romantic...

Uptown Hoedown

Whimsical humorous "Uptown Hoedown"....I couldn't resist.  If this gives you a chuckle,  good on it. Listen closely and you may be able to pick out a few of my musical influences.  But don't take this track too seriously because even the more complicated stuff was meant to be nothing but fun.  Allemande Left and Skip to my Lou!

More Love in the World

"More Love in the World" is my final message on this album.  Featuring Giovanni's and Marla's vocals, it is a fitting closing to what, I hope, was a positive musical journey. There is truly only one solution to collective troubled times:  We should make the choice to love more in this world. Here and Now, Hear and Now.

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