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Hear and Now is a musical project that has been calling me for a while now. I'd been collecting a number of instrumental ideas in hopes that an opportunity to record them would eventually happen. Then stars aligned: The right time, the right musicians, the right studio. Demos were listened to, rehearsals were scheduled, arrangements were solidified, and tracks were recorded. And, after a whole lot of good times with musicians I'm also proud to call friends, Hear and Now emerged.

Each track of the project has its own personality, but I'd hoped there would be a positive feeling coming from all the compositions. In any event, here are my feelings regarding each one:



I've known and jammed with Kevin for a long time, and when I heard he was finally releasing an album I couldn't wait to get my ears on it. Hear and Now is the kind of album that inspires and takes you on an amazing journey of sound, emotion, and wonder. I wish I could say that I have a favorite, but each song takes me to a different place and time. From Red Line AM to Night Grove to Vince Lives!, every tune is incredible. Make sure you get your copy today, cause this album kills!

- Rajma McKenzie

A while back, I was quite honored when my good friend, Kevin asked me to critique what he called a “rough mix” of his new album Hear and Now. Aware of his immense talent through many musical performances together, I knew it was going to be good. I just never dreamed it was going to be this great! Every track for me was a gem! The variety of theme and overall up-beat feel of the entire album was outstanding -- the musicianship superb.
Again honored, Kevin informed me there was an ulterior motive to his having me critique the CD. He said he wanted me to create the artwork for the cover. Whoa! I wasn’t sure I could come up with anything worthy of this excellent project. However, with such a clever title and collaboration with Kevin and my son Bryan (package design), it turned out to be a very fun and successful project.
Just get the CD – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

-Butch McCracken

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