Kevin Mazey

Kevin Mazey began his musical life as a resistant five-year-old, becoming rebellious of traditional piano study very early.  Much to the dismay of conservative parents, he gravitated toward the rock and jazz legends of his youth, shaping his love of music into the fusion of styles now embraced.  Names like Emerson, Evans, Zawinul, Guaraldi, Fagan, and Hammer were influential over time.  But the show tunes that his parents loved crept in there as well, and the songwriting and harmony of Rodgers and Hammerstein were never far away.

A string of original and cover bands with multiple recording projects filled the years of Kevin's Midwest musical journey.  There were groups called Bliss, Link, Kenipshen, The House Band, On the Fly, Alchemy, more...all with a variety of ambitions, aspirations, and styles.  He feels infinitely blessed with co-conspirator musicians who shared their creative talents, visions, and dreams with his own!  He considers himself a sum of all the experiences that came his way where nothing seemed coincidental.

Composing is his primary love.  He says, "I was proficient enough at the keyboard to be dangerous and was always able to get my creative ideas across to the musicians I worked with.  Also, I was fortunate to have an excellent jazz and classical piano instructor when I was an impressionable 19-year-old.  Thanks, Sid, wherever your spirit resides, for stretching my skills and showing me musical possibilities!".

He credits the Source of Creativity for enhancing his personal musical gifts.  Kevin contemplates his writing in this way:  "I believe many of the best musical ideas are spontaneous and arise from a place of unlimited potential.  There is certainly some philosophy in this, but I'm thankful to be a part of it!  For me, music is happiness in motion...what could be more fun or rewarding?".

He wishes to thank his incredible family and the musicians and relationships in his life which shaped his thinking and art. “I’m grateful to be able to do something I love every day and to share creativity with such amazing people. Life is good!”

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